Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic

Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic

Columbia Law School's Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic, founded in the fall of 2006, was the first law school clinic anywhere in the U.S. directed by a full-time law school faculty member and dedicated to legal and public policy issues related to gender and sexuality.

The clinic emphasized multidimensional lawyering, which is the practice of being strategic, smart, and creative in identifying and deploying resources to advocate for social change. The Clinic's projects encompassed all forms of advocacy. This included:

  • Litigation
  • Public policy development
  • Legislative drafting
  • Training
  • Organizing
  • Public education
  • Media outreach

These products and more are all produced by Columbia Law Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic students who spend a semester or more in the clinic's intensive learning and working environment.  While participating in the Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic, students honed lawyering and advocacy skills while working directly on cutting-edge sexuality and gender law issues and providing vital assistance to lawyers and organizations throughout the country and the world that advocate for the equality and safety of women and lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender individuals.

Clinical Education at Columbia Law School

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