CLE Readings for 2022 ERA Symposium

2022 Symposium
The ERA: What It Means to Guarantee Sex Equality in the U.S. Constitution

List of CLE Materials

Session 1: The Meaning of a 21st Century ERA
1 - The Puzzles and Possibilities of Article V, David E. Pozen & Thomas P. Schmidt
2 - A Dangerous Imbalance Pauli Murray's Equal Rights Amendment and the Path to Equal Power, Julie Suk
3 - An Equal Rights Amendment for the 21st Century, Julie Suk

Session 2: ERA and the 14th Amendment’s Gender Equality Jurisprudence: From Reed v. Reed to U.S. v. Virginia and Beyond
1 - The Anti-Stereotyping Principle in Constitutional Sex Discrimination Law, Cary Franklin
2 - Fundamentally Wrong About Fundamental Rights, Adam Winkler
3 - The Political Economy of Recognition, Kendall Thomas

Session 3: ERA and Abortion: Equality Arguments for Reproductive Rights
1 - A New E.R.A. or a New Era - Amendment Advocacy and the Reconstitution of Feminism, Serena Mayeri
2 - After Suffrage: The Unfinished Business of Feminist Legal Advocacy, Serena Mayeri
3 - Race-ing Roe: Reproductive Justice, Racial Justice, and the Battle for Roe v. Wade, Melissa Murray
4 - Why Restrict Abortion, Reva Siegel
5 - The Pregnant Citizen, Reva Siegel
6 - Brief of Amicus Curiae in Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Pennsylvania DHS, ERA Project
7 - Brief of Equal Protection Constitutional Law Scholars Serena Mayeri, Melissa Murray, and Reva Siegel in Dobbs

Session 4: Gender Justice and the ERA in Practice
1 - Privacy Rights and Public Families, Khiara M. Bridges
2 - Fetal Protection Laws Moral Panic and the New Constitutional Battlefront, Michele Goodwin
3 - Constructing Countervailing Power: Law and Organizing in an Era of Political Inequality, Kate Andrias & Benjamin Sachs
4 - Legislative approaches to nondiscrimination at work: a comparative analysis across 13 groups in 193 countries, Jody Heymann et al
5 - Where do Women Stand? New Evidence on the Presence and Absence of Gender Equality in the World’s Constitutions, Adele Cassola et al
6 - Protections of Equal Rights Across Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: An Analysis of 193 National Constitutions, Amy Raub et al